Soy Bean Oil (ESBO)

Applications :
PVC Leather film,Coating and Extrusion Film for packing Non-Toxic Toner & Master batch Anti-weather Fire-retardation Non-migration Anti-foggimg Low extraction formulas

1. Non-toxic
2. Heat stability and Weather - resistance
3. Low volatility and molecule plasticizer
Much lower in volatility than DOP (about 20% of DOP), it procides better stability in PVC fiexibility. With about M. W. 1000, ESO can be regarded as a good plasticizer in PVC processing.
4. Low I. V. , Good in non- migration resistance and extraction resisitance Low I. V., good compatibility with PVC Plastuicizers, it therefore provides good performance in non-migration and extraction resistance.
5. Weather - resistance and Low loss in transparency.

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